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The Writers Circle 2014-15 Speaker Series


Publishing Matchmakers:
an open discussion with Literary Agents
Liza Dawson, Tamar Rydzinski & Marietta B. Zacker

March 8, 2015, 2:00-4:00 PM

at MONDO, 426 Springfield Avenue, Summit, NJ

The right agent can make the difference between publication and languishing in obscurity. Through their carefully honed relationships, these publishing professionals can open doors and help you create a writing career. But first you have to find the perfect match for your work - someone who will "fall in love" with your writing. Learn what attracts agents, what turns them off, and how to better your matchmaking chances in this panel discussion that you've all been clamoring for!

Note: this is a purely informational session. Please do not bring pitches or work-in-progress.

liza-dawson Liza Dawson
Liza established Liza Dawson Associates following a successful 20-year career in book publishing, including posts as executive editor of Putnam Publishing and executive editor at William Morrow. She received her B.A. in history from Duke University and is a graduate of the Radcliffe Publishing Procedures course. Liza is on the board of the AAR (the Association of Author's Representatives). She belongs to the Author’s Guild, the Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers Inc and The Women’s Media Group.

She specializes in plot-driven literary fiction, thrillers of all sorts, mysteries, women’s fiction and historicals. She’s looking for storytellers with electric voices. In nonfiction, she is drawn to cross-cultural and women’s issues written by experts. She is looking for history, politics, parenting books, memoirs and narrative nonfiction.

Tamar Tamar Rydzinski
Tamar worked at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates prior to joining the Laura Dail Literary Agency, where she is vice president. She graduated from Yeshiva University in 2003 with a major in literature and a minor in business.

Tamar is not interested in prescriptive or practical non-fiction, humor, coffee table books, or children’s books (meaning anything younger than middle grade). She is interested in everything else that is well-written and has great characters, including graphic novels. A fantastic query letter is essential – “you need to make me want to read your book, and be excited to read it,” she says, “with those first couple of paragraphs.”

marietta zacker Marietta B. Zacker
Marietta is an agent with Nancy Gallt Literary Agency, which focuses on developing and finding the right home for the work of some of the most talented writers and illustrators in the children’s book industry.

Marietta has experienced children’s books from every angle – teaching, marketing, publishing and bookselling. She thrives on working with authors who make readers feel their characters’ emotions and illustrators who add a different dimension to the story. She is also Book Curator at an independent toy store and bookstore.

Seats are limited. Advance Registration is Strongly Advised!

$75 Advance Registration | $80 at the Door

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